“Words Better Left Unspoken”

Stardate 76899.1; November 25, 2399







Edited by Shaun Hayes

Written by Chris Adamek


Administrator Dra’venn

Angela Christopher

Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Commander Jerras

General Ordikan



Justin Reinbold

Commander Amy Robinson

Lieutenant Courtney Rose

Praetor Tomalak

Lt. Commander Jayla Trinn

High Overseer Xi’Yor










Chapter 41








Qevar was displeased.  It took a great deal of strife to sway her lethargic emotions.  Typically, she could tolerate even the most stressful of events, for it was no easy task to exist within the limited confines of the entity known to lesser beings as the universe.  Only when Qevar was forced to deal with him did she find her emotions running rampant.  And rampant they were.


She clenched an angry mandible.  “How did he manage to fail us this time?  We virtually restored the weapon to full power and he still destroyed himself!”  A thick, gangly spine throbbed in her forehead.  “It is unacceptable.”


“Agreed,” said Ovdranus.  In the material realm, he was a curious entity, even amongst its own kind.  Ovdranus was neither male nor female, though he aligned himself with the male gender for simplicity’s sake.  A thick exoskeleton covered most of his body.  Giant neural spines jutted from his back.  He had three eyes, a huge vertically cleft mouth, and a bubbly, vomit-like complexion that made even Qevar cringe on occasion.  She had little affinity for the material realm…


“The Hegemony is already growing tired of our activities,” noted Qevar.  “Successful or not, they will soon recall us to the Otherworldly Gate.”


Ovdranus was not particularly concerned about the Hegemony.  He journeyed forth into the material realm merely for scientific purposes.  Though he played along with Qevar’s antics, atonement was quite possibly the last thing on his mind.  “The Hegemony will grant us an extension,” he said.  “Our initiative has made progress this time.”


“Not nearly enough,” hissed Qevar.  The Hegemony might grant an extension, but they were just as likely to cease all activity within the material realm.  “If the Hegemony is to grant us an extension, we need to show them progress—where none has been made.”


Two of Ovdranus’ eyes widened.  The third merely squinted, oblivious to the wonts of the other two.  “The Phobians have made considerable progress,” he stated.  “Some of that progress was indeed erased during the battle in the Rebena System, but the Hegemony cannot truthfully state that our efforts have been ineffective.”


He did have a point.  The Phobian Republic was still a far cry from the massive conglomeration that it had once been—but it was no longer on the brink of extinction.  Qevar allowed for a bit more optimism.  “Then we shall proceed,” she decided.  “Summon him to the Otherworldly Gate.”


Ovdranus’ meaty fingers slowly tapped a short sequence of commands into his workstation.  The computer produced a series of shrill tones in response, and moments later Ovdranus looked up and said, “Summoning complete.”


Qevar was eager to approach the Otherworldly Gate to speak with the new arrival, but Ovdranus still seemed lost in the computer date.  She called to him.  “Our time is not infinite in this realm,” she tersely reminded.


Ovdranus grunted.  He pulled himself away from the computer and gracelessly approached Qevar.  “Make this quick,” he grumbled.  “I have been studying an unusual trinary star system in Grid 8-8-3.  I would like to continue my analysis sometime today.”


Though she didn’t particularly care about the trinary star—or anything in the material realm, for that matter—Qevar knew that the Hegemony was quite interested such trivial matters.  If she was going to get her extension, Qevar knew that she would have to appease them in some manner.  “You will be back to your computer station within the hour,” she insisted.


Within the limited confines of the material realm, an hour was an incredibly meager measurement of time.  The notion summarily inspired Ovdranus to move a bit faster—and Qevar prepared herself for the journey ahead.


With one quick motion, Ovdranus ripped asunder the exoskeleton upon his giant chest.  A few wriggling organs dangled in his exposed chest cavity, but for the most part, the cavernous expanse was devoid of life.


But not for long.


Ovdranus quickly wrapped his hands around Qevar’s limbless torso and placed her within the confines of his chest.  Her neural spines quickly fused with his system and in a few short seconds, they were one.  As Ovdranus replaced his craggy exoskeleton, Qevar’s head poked through the flesh atop the behemoth’s shoulders.


“Let us proceed,” said Qevar once the fusion was complete.


“Agreed,” said Ovdranus, and the monstrous two-headed leviathan summarily went to work.




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